Suncor oil refinery spews 8.5 tons a year of cyanide gas over low-income north Denver neighborhoods

Suncor Energy's oil refinery is spewing 8.5 tons a year of invisible hydrogen cyanide gas over low-income north Denver neighborhoods, state records show.

"Everyone who lives near Suncor, as well as Suncor employees, have been breathing hydrogen cyanide. If the state is going to set a limit for hydrogen cyanide, it needs to set a limit that protects public health," said Earthjustice attorney Joel Minor, who filed the petition on behalf of north Denver residents.

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Outrage growing over black woman's arrest in Alabama Waffle House by white police officers

The treatment of a 25-year-old black Mobile woman who was arrested early Sunday morning inside a Waffle House in Saraland by white Saraland Police officers is quickly driving outrage in Alabama and beyond.

The new cellphone video, which was captured early Sunday by Clemons's friend Canita Adams, depicts Saraland Police officers speaking briefly with Clemons before pulling her down off a chair and onto the tile floor of the Waffle House.

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Travis Reinking: What we know about the Waffle House shooting suspect

Of those four weapons, one was the AR-15 style weapon recovered from the shooting scene at Waffle House; another firearm was taken from Reinking's apartment, Metropolitan Nashville Police said.

Jeffrey Reinking told the office he had taken three guns from his son before and locked them up "When Travis was having problems," the report states.

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Woman who married her birth father is laid to rest, along with their baby, after shocking murders

In a sad conclusion to a disturbing relationship, a woman who married her birth father and gave birth to their child was laid to rest this past weekend, along with her baby and her adoptive father, after investigators said the birth father killed them all in a murder-suicide.

Katie's adoptive parents posed for a photo on the wedding day along with Steven, Katie and Steven's mother.

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Another ex-youth pastor in Modesto accused of sexual abuse

Les Hughey, a former youth pastor in the 1970s at First Baptist Church, is accused of having sex with girls as young as age 17 during his time in Modesto, California.

Perhaps closer to Hughey in circumstances was Andy Savage, who recently resigned as a megachurch pastor in Memphis 20 years after he was accused of sexually assaulting a high school girl in Texas.

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Snipers ordered to shoot children, Israeli general confirms

An Israeli general has confirmed that when snipers stationed along Israel's boundary with Gaza shoot at children, they are doing so deliberately, under clear and specific orders.

"I know how these orders are given. I know how a sniper does the shooting. I know how many authorizations he needs before he receives an authorization to open fire. It is not the whim of one or the other sniper who identifies the small body of a child now and decides he'll shoot. Someone marks the target for him very well and tells him exactly why one has to shoot and what the threat is from that individual. And to my great sorrow, sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder, it goes even higher."

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Germany wants to facilitate repatriation of thousands of Iraqis

"The aim is to support up to 10,000 Iraqis from Germany in re-establishing themselves and building something new," Müller said, following talks with Iraqi officials in Baghdad. Müller said Iraqis should have the chance to return to their home country of their own free will and not as "Losers." He added that education and employment opportunities would be created in cooperation with Iraqi authorities and companies.

The German Development Ministry says some 12,000 of the 240,000 Iraqis currently living in Germany are failed asylum-seekers.

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Stripper says Florida commissioner kept her as a 'sex slave'

A woman who answered the door Friday at the home of Hernando County Commissioner Nick Nicholson said she served for months as a "Sex slave" to the elected official.

Valerie Surette, who called herself a 30-year-old stripper with an on-and-off drug problem, was one of two women named in charging documents when Nicholson was arrested Thursday on prostitution-related charges.

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Christian girl who was set alight for turning down Muslim man's marriage proposal dies

LAHORE: A Christian girl who was set ablaze by a Muslim man in Sialkot for "Refusing to renounce her faith and marry him" passed away at the hospital on Sunday evening.

Earlier, Masih said that they took Asma to the Sialkot Civil Hospital where she told them that Gujjar had been forcing her for quite some time to marry him but she had turned down his proposal because she did not want to convert to Islam.

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The new face of hate: Neo-Nazis hold a shocking swastika burning ritual in Georgia

According to Georgia law, a person is guilty of a misdemeanor if they wear a mask, hood or any other device to conceal their face.

The extra safety measures the city has implemented include road closures and more law enforcement staff available during the demonstration, which will be held in Newnan's Greenville State Park.In response to the neo-Nazi demonstration, Atlanta's Antifa and other counter-protesters began gathering in Newnan starting around 1.30pm.Another group called the No Nazi Newnan coalition has chastised the city for allowing the white supremacists to rally in the first place.

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Congressman Pushed Bills That Would've Helped Drug Company He Owns

Collins is also trying to make changes to a government program that would save the company millions of dollars if its drug is approved by the FDA. Collins's office says he doesn't believe his bills represent a conflict of interest, but he is already accused by independent Office of Congressional Ethics of violating House ethics rules and U.S. securities law for his dealings with the drug company.

Collins' proposed change means billions of dollars in additional profits for drug companies each year, the same amount of losses for hospitals and, if Innate's drug wouldn't have failed, millions in additional profits the company.

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China dragon boat accident leaves 17 dead

Seventeen people have died in a dragon boat accident in southern China thought to have been caused by strong current.

Dragon boat racing is popular in various parts of Asia, and the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday in China, when races are held nationwide.

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Surge in anonymous Asia Twitter accounts sparks bot fears

A surge in new, anonymous Twitter accounts across swathes of Southeast and East Asia has deepened fears the region is in the throes of US-style mass social media manipulation.

Soon prominent Twitter users in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka noticed the same phenomenon - a surge in follows from anonymous, recently created accounts, adopting local sounding names but barely engaging on the platform, as if lying in wait for someone's command.

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Amazon's Typical Worker Is in a Warehouse Making $28,446 a Year

Amazon has the fifth-highest median pay of retailers ranked by S&P Global, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of corporate proxy data provided by MyLogIQ LLC, exceeding the median pay figures from Home Depot Inc., Macy's Inc., Gap Inc. and Walmart Inc. In a securities filing Friday evening, Walmart reported that it paid its median worker $19,177 last year, ranking it near the middle of the 18 retailers that have reported data so far.

The average pay for software-development engineers who work for Amazon in the U.S. is about $107,000, according to worker salaries shared on website Glassdoor, an online marketplace where employees can anonymously report their pay.

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Microplastic pollution and the potential health risks

Globally, more than 330 million metric tons of plastics is produced each year, leaving potential sources of microplastic pollution all around us.

With global plastic production expected to triple by 2050, along with the fact that some plastics can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, microplastic pollution is a problem that isn't going away.

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Natalie Portman's boycott of Netanyahu borders on anti-Semitism, Israeli minister says

Two years ago, Portman directed and starred in a film shot in Israel with Israeli actors based on Israeli writer Amos Oz's book "A Tale of Love and Darkness."

On Friday, Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev said: "I was sorry to hear that Natalie Portman has fallen like ripe fruit into the hands of supporters of BDS. Natalie, a Jewish actress who was born in Israel, joins those who relate to the story of the success and wonder of the establishment of Israel as a 'tale of darkness and darkness.'" MK Oren Hazan, who is currently suspended from the Knesset, called for Interior Minister Arye Dery to revoke Portman's Israeli citizenship.

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Russia adds Google IPs to registry of banned sites

MOSCOW - Russia's communications watchdog agency says it is adding some Google IP addresses to the state register of banned sites, as a dispute over a banned messaging app intensifies.

On Sunday, Roskomnadzor raised the stakes by announcing it had added an unspecified number of Google IP address used by Telegram to the register of banned sites.

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Colin Kaepernick Wins Amnesty International's Highest Honor

Amnesty International, the global human rights organization, gave Kaepernick its highest honor - the 2018 Ambassador of Conscience Award - in Amsterdam on Saturday.

His former teammate Eric Reid, who knelt in solidarity with Kaepernick during the anthem - and remains unsigned as a free agent this NFL offseason - presented Kaepernick with the award.

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Man wearing MAGA hat allegedly pushed man onto NYC subway tracks, police say

A man wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat is accused of pushing a man onto the New York City subway tracks, the NYPD said Saturday.

After being pulled back onto the tracks, the victim was taken to a local hospital and treated for a cut on his head. Police described him as a heavyset black man, wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, black jacket, "Make America Great Again" shirt, blue jean overalls and jewelry around his neck.

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3 killed at Waffle House in Tennessee

Police say the gunman, who was nude, opened fire at about 3:25 a.m.CNN affiliate WSMV reported that the gunman was naked except for a green jacket when he entered the restaurant in the town of Antioch.

Police said the gunman arrived in a vehicle registered to Reinking, though the gunman was last seen walking nude away from the scene.

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3 dead, 4 others hurt in Waffle House shooting

Three person were killed, and 4 others were wounded in a shooting inside a Waffle House at 3571 Murfreesboro Pike in Antioch near Pin Hook Road. The shooting took place at approximately 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

At least one victim was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in critical condition.

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Portman pulls out of award, does not want to appear to 'endorse Netanyahu'

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman said she backed out of a Jerusalem ceremony where she was to receive a prestigious award and cash prize to protest against the policies of Israel's prime minister.

"I chose not to attend because I did not want to appear as endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu, who was to be giving a speech at the ceremony," Portman said in a statement posted late Friday on Instagram.

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Kangaroo killed by visitors to Chinese zoo

A kangaroo was stoned to death in a Chinese zoo - apparently for the same reason that a brown bear was once crushed to death by Russian videographers, and a shark in Florida was dragged behind a motorboat like a kite.

The kangaroo - a 12-year-old female whose name is not known - was not hopping enough to amuse spectators at the Fuzhou Zoo late last February, the New York Times reported, quoting Chinese media.

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Taiwan's international sand sculpture festival kicks off

TAIPEI - Belgian sand sculptor, Irina Sokolova, won the gold prize for her work, "Inspiration," at the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Arts Festival April 21.

This is the sixth year that festival has awarded the "Taiwan international sand sculpture prize," according to CNA. First place went to Irina Sokolova for "Inspiration," a blossoming puzzle piece medley.

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EU and Mexico reach ′agreement in principle′ to modernize free trade deal

"In less than two years the EU and Mexico have delivered a deal fit for the economic and political challenges of the 21st century," said EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom as the agreement was announced on Saturday.

The EU has sought to frame itself as a leading defender of free trade in the face of US protectionism since plans for a trade agreement with the US were halted after Trump's election victory in November 2016.

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Nicaragua's Ortega agrees to talk as deadly protests rage on

"What is happening in our country has no name. The kids do not even know the party that is manipulating them. ... Gang members are being brought into the kids' protests and are criminalizing the protests. That is why they are put at risk," Ortega said.

A prominent business chamber issued a statement conditioning its talks with Ortega on an end to repression, the freeing of detained protesters and respect for freedom of expression as the authorities have kept off the air one private news channel that is covering the protests.

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Sometimes Rapes Can't Be Stopped, Why Make A "Big Deal", Says Minister Santosh Gangwar

New Delhi: As the nation seethed over the gangrape and murder of an 8-year-old child, Union minister Santosh Gangwar stepped into controversy today, saying while such instances were unfortunate, they cannot be stopped sometimes and one "Should not make a big deal out of it".

"Such incidents are really unfortunate, but sometimes it is difficult to control these cases... The government is active," added the Mr Gangwar, the junior minister in finance department.

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